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5 Ways Honeybook Will Change Your Life | M Harris Studios | Education

One of the questions I’m asked most often is what new business owners should invest in. And let me tell you, one thing I will continually recommend without a doubt is Honeybook! Honeybook is a client management system that will change and SAVE your life! This software allows you to track all of your clients and events, meetings, proposals and contracts, payments and will just keep you sane. So, why do I love it so much? Here’s the top 5 ways Honeybook makes your life simple!

  1. Projects: You can create a project for any event (wedding, engagement session, etc.) that you have coming up. Within that project, you’re able to track all of the documents you need for that particular event. This means payments (we’ll get to those more in a minute), questionnaires, your contracts… they’re all in ONE spot that both you and your client are able to access. No more saying they don’t have copies of anything – and no more PDFs to send back and forth to be signed. Everything is easy and electronic! 
  2. Proposals, Invoices, and Contracts: Electronic invoices that are easy to set up… is that a real thing? YES! Honeybook makes it so easy to create quotes you can send to your client to review. These can then easily be converted into invoices which your client can pay within their portal. These invoices are ridiculously easy to set up payment plans for and the best part? Honeybook automatically sends your client a reminder when their balance is coming up for payment. No more tracking that for you!! And they’re totally customizable – from the image you include at the top to the package names and amounts! 
  3. Email Updates: Honeybook syncs with your email so you get real time updates and notifications about what’s going on. You’ll see when a questionnaire is answered, a payment is made and even if an email to your client hasn’t been opened. This is a great way (at a quick glance) to check on what’s going on.
  4. Calendar: The Honeybook calendar is awesome because it syncs with your google calendar or even Calendly, if you use that software. Hello one calendar!! This makes it so easy to make sure you don’t miss any meetings, appointments, or phone calls. 
  5. Community Outreach & Engagement: Honeybook is amazing (as you can see) but one of the best parts of this software is how easy it is to connect with other vendors near and far. This is great when you’re looking for others to second shoot with, collaborate on a styled shoot or just meet up with in real life.


Do you already use Honeybook? If so, tell me what you love about it! If not, this is a great time to check out this incredible software! I’m telling you, it is SO worth the investment to feel like your life is under control. To have everything you ever need for you clients in one place is an amazing feeling!


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