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Animals during Engagement Sessions

One of the most common questions I’m asked when planning engagement sessions is whether or not our brides and grooms can bring their pets along. And the answer? YES! We LOVE capturing your furry friends because they’re part of your life, love story and family. However, while I encourage you to bring your furry love, here’s a few quick tips to help things run smoothly during your session with them!

wedding day dog

1.    Bring a friend or family member to help handle your pet when we don’t need them in a shot. Otherwise, someone will be chasing after your pet while we shoot some frames without them! It’s a nice chance for Fido to stretch his or her legs too – they need breaks just like humans!

2.    Bring a small bag of their favorite treats or their toys. Your photographer or your “handler” can help encourage your furry friend to look at the camera with a little incentive!

3.    Be realistic. Animals, like humans, don’t always cooperate when we want them to. So although you may have 10 different ideas to involve your sweet pup or furry friend, remember that they may not cooperate – but we’ll do our best!

4.    Have fun! Your pet is there to help you celebrate! Enjoy being with them and your fiancé and just relax, smile, and celebrate!

Want to bring your pet but still not sure about logistics? Let me know! I’m here to help you with any and all questions to make your engagement session a dream come true!