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Wedding Day Exit Ideas

The end of your wedding day is one of the most exciting moments of the whole day as you leave your celebration and truly get to begin your life together as  a married couple. These days, there’s lots of great ways to mark the end of your wedding day and as wedding photographers, we’ve seen them all! Looking for your wedding day exit? Try one of these!

Sparklers! Sparkler exits are probably one of the most common send off methods for weddings. Guests who are willing get to hold sparklers down the aisle for you to walk through! It’s a beautiful photo opportunity and a lot of fun! However, not all venues will allow you to use sparklers – so be sure to ask if that’s something your wedding venue will let you do. If they will, make sure your wedding planner or someone at the venue is able to help you coordinate the actual lighting of sparklers and where to put them to be extinguished!

sparkler exit at Inn at the Old Silk Mill wedding photographed by M Harris Studios

Bubbles. A really fun way to do a sendoff is using bubbles! They’re inexpensive, safe for pretty much everywhere and for everyone to use!! There’s no clean up and much less to coordinate than sparklers yet equally as beautiful. In all of the bubble send offs we’ve photographed, it’s clear to see how much fun everyone is having getting to blow bubbles – like when they were kids! Plus they look great in photographs!

Glow Sticks. Want cool night pictures but aren’t allowed to use sparklers at your venue? Try glow sticks! Yes, the glow sticks you used to get as a kid on Halloween! I mean, how fun is that? There’s very little to organize (other than buying a ton!) and no clean up! Give everyone a few glow sticks and let them go nuts! The various colors will look great in your pictures and yet again, everyone is having a blast!

VA wedding photographer

No matter what kind of exit you choose to have at your wedding, remember to just enjoy those last few minutes of your celebration with family and friends! Wedding days move so fast – you’ll want to soak up whatever you can! Not sure which option is right for you and your venue? Your wedding planner and venue contact can help you decide how to end your big day just right!