Why Engagement Sessions Matter | VA Wedding Photographer
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Why Engagement Sessions Matter | VA Wedding Photographer

Engagement sessions are a part of my wedding packages and I’m often asked if they’re necessary. Today’s blog is all about why engagement sessions are SO important for both you two and me, your wedding photographer! These sessions are the first time you’re going to meet your photographer face-to-face, are a great way to capture some beautiful portraits that can be used on your wedding day and most importantly, are meant to be something fun to do amidst the stress of planning your wedding day.

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Meeting Your Photographer. Engagement sessions are important because you’re going to actually get to meet your wedding photographer for the first time – even though we’ve already chatted by phone. While it sounds silly that this is a reason to advocate for an engagement session, wouldn’t you want to at least meet the person who’s going to capture you getting into your wedding dress, your first kiss as a married couple and spend time one-on-one with you during your portraits on your wedding day? These sessions are a great way to get to know each other. I really love getting to know my couples and build lasting relationships with them – so engagement sessions are definitely crucial in building that relationship.

Images for the Wedding Day. The portraits captured at your engagement session are perfect for save-the-dates and to display on your wedding day! It’s so much fun to see my couples use their engagement portraits on their invitations or other reception décor as another way to celebrate their relationship and who they are together. And trust me, while there’s nothing wrong with the selfie you took last weekend – your engagement portraits will be a much more beautiful way to display your love!

A celebration of you!  Wedding planning is stressful. Let’s not kid ourselves. There’s so many decisions that have to be made and some brides say it feels more like work than fun! An engagement session is a chance to relax and celebrate your relationship. You’re getting married and starting a new life together so take a minute to just enjoy each other!

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While we know there’s circumstances that might prevent a couple from having an engagement session, I highly recommend you use your complimentary session! There’s so many good reasons to take an opportunity to dress up and remember why you fell in love! Plus it’s just a lot of fun!

Have questions about your engagement session? Send me a note here! I’d love to help!